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Technical Resources about Beaches
Technical Resources about Beaches
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ACT: At the Beach
Actions you can take at the beach
Beaches National Summary
To help beachgoers make informed decisions about swimming at U.S. beaches, EPA annually publishes a national summary report about beach closings and advisories for the previous year's swimming season. These reports provide national beach monitoring and notification statistics along with recent developments in EPA's beach program.
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National List of Beaches
Information on National List of Beaches
Beach Monitoring
Learn the issues about Beach Monitoring
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Virtual Beach (VB)
Page on VB, a software package designed for developing site-specific Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) models for the prediction of pathogen indicator levels at recreational beaches.
WhAEM2000 BBM Files - Daytona Beach, Florida
WhAEM2000 (Wellhead Analytic Element Model) binary base map browser for Daytona Beach Quadrangle, Florida. Files serve as geographic basis for groundwater modeling.
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Oceans, Coasts, Estuaries & Beaches | Oceans, Coasts ...
Themes and Priority Programs
Times Beach
A collection of EPA Press Releases and other resources on the Times Beach, Missouri Superfund Site.
Times Beach Settlement Reached
EPA press release - July 20, 1990 on the settlement in the lawsuit concerning the cleanup of Times Beach and other dioxin-contaminated sites in eastern Missouri through dioxin incineration
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01/31/2012: EPA To Provide Nearly $10 Million to Clean Up ...2015-10-09
... EPA To Provide Nearly $10 Million to Clean Up Beaches Across the
Nation/The agency launches improved website for beach advisories and ...
01/08/2010: EPA Announces More Than $9 Million in Beach ...2015-10-10
... The funds are made available under the Beaches Environmental
Assessment and Coastal Health (BEACH) Act of 2000. ...
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Swimming Beaches
An assessment of water quality trends at swimming beaches in the Salish Sea. Part of EPA and Environment Canada's Health of the Salish Sea Ecosystem Report.
Makah Reservation Warmhouse Beach Dump Site2015-10-02
Warmhouse Beach Dump cleanup site located on the Makah Reservation in Neah Bay, Washington.
09/23/2015: Palm Beach County to Receive $300,000 to ...2015-10-09
... News Releases from Region 4. Palm Beach County to Receive $300,000 to
Clean up and Redevelop Contaminated Brownfields Sites. ...
04/04/2003: Whitman Announces $10 Million for States to ...2015-10-10
... The funds are targeted to improve monitoring the quality of water at beaches
and notifying the public of beach warnings or closings. ...
04/29/2004: Bush Administration Commits $10 Million to ...2015-10-10
... the Great Lakes and tribes to help meet the new requirements under the
Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health (BEACH) Act of ...
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Beach Grants | Technical Resources about Beaches | US EPA
List of Beach Grants information
01/14/2008: EPA Money and Support Help Make Beach Visits ...2015-10-10
... million in beach grants in 2008, EPA is helping states continue to monitor water
quality at beaches and notify the public of beach warnings and ...
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