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Petroleum Coke in Chicago
EPA monitoring data & actions to control pollution from petroleum coke (pet coke) storage facilities on Chicago's south side owned by KCBX Terminals.
Continental Carbon Company Clean Air Act Settlement
This is the information sheet for the Continental Carbon Company Settlement
This is the consent decree for Cabot Corporation
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7.0 REFERENCES Adebonojo, FO (1974) “Hematologic ...
This document represents the references used within the TSCA Section 403 Report.
Lead In Your Home: A Parent's Reference Guide
Guidebook on the protection of family members from exposure to lead-based paint. EPA 747-B-98-002.
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Observational Data for Black Carbon2012-03-30
... globally among areas dominated by urban-industrial sources, biomass burning,
and wind-blown dust. 115 Report to Congress on Black Carbon ...
Report to Congress on Black Carbon: Executive Summary2012-04-04
... some regions, especially Asia, southern Africa, and the Amazon Basin, BC,
sulfates, organics, dust and other ... Report to Congress on Black Carbon ...
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Environmental Protection Agency2007-09-05
... Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Area Sources: Acrylic
and Modacrylic Fibers Production, Carbon Black Production, Chemical ...
BC_Hays_STAR 2012 [Compatibility Mode]
... classic particle model 17 Asian dust-event soot 500 nm improved Df, Rg,
As/V, ka Page 19. diesel soot Visualizing black carbon 18 aircraft soot ...
1 White Paper on PM Light Extinction Measurements ...2010-02-03
... research and can aid in determining source attribution, for example
distinguishing diesel from wood smoke or dust from black carbon (Fialho, et ...
Section 6 Particulate Matter Controls2003-06-17
... dust Fiborous and Carbon black fertilizer Carbon black Cocoa cellulosic
(finished) Cake (molecular) ... dust Lime dusts Dyes from reactions ...
Methods for the Determination of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) ...2011-05-19
... source; the oven; various traps and scrubbers to remove dust, particulate matter ...
Organic carbon. In: Methods of Soil Analysis, Part 2, CA Black et al ...
NCEE Working Paper Series | Publications | NCEE | US EPA2015-03-30
... and IQ Gains from Revising the Dust Lead Hazard ... change, social cost of carbon,
integrated assessment ... Wage Models (Dan A. Black and Thomas K ...
ByYear | NCEE Working Paper Series | Publications | NCEE ...2015-03-29
... and IQ Gains from Revising the Dust Lead Hazard ... change, social cost of carbon,
integrated assessment ... Wage Models (Dan A. Black and Thomas K ...
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FERA TRIM.FaTE User's Guide
United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 Air ...
This page contains the final synthetic minor NSR permit issued to Van Hook Crude Terminal, LLC, for the Van Hook Crude Terminal/Rail Loading Station in Mountrail County, North Dakota.
Region 5 Overview of ORD's2012-03-08
... 2005 Effects of diesel exhaust particles and carbon black on induction of dust
mite allergy in brown norway rats. J Immunotox 2(1):41-9. ...
L esson 3 :
Looks at our homes and the steps to take to keep the air healthy and avoid chemical exposure. We explore the makeup of the air that we breathe, how to keep it clean, and how to reduce asthma triggers in our homes, as well as lead.
Black Butte Mine Final Optimization Report2012-07-31
... hillsides and the non-mine portions of Black Butte may serve ... of three
constituents: dissolved mercury, microbial labile organic carbon, and sulfate. ...
This draft document updates the previous approaches ...2012-09-28
... including disposal of PPE, samples, dusting to air ... might be mimicked by the
dust generation during ... bag filling in a carbon black producing facility ...

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