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Petroleum Coke in Chicago
Information about U.S. EPA actions to monitor and control pollution from pet coke storage facilities, owned by KCBX Terminals and Beemsterboer Slag, on Chicago's south side, including monitoring data. Petcoke is a product of oil refining, resembling coal.
Petroleum Coke in Chicago | US EPA2014-06-24
Information about U.S. EPA actions to monitor and control pollution from petroleum coke storage facilities on Chicago's south side, including monitoring data.
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Cabot Corporation Consent Decree
This is the consent decree for Cabot Corporation
TSCA Section 402(c) Lead Exposure Reduction Proposed ...
Round Table Discussion of TSCA Section 402c., the Lead Exposure reduction proposed renovation and remodeling rule.
Lead in Your Home: A Parent's Reference Guide (brochure)
Guidebook on the protection of family members from exposure to lead-based paint. EPA 747-B-98-002.
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Complete Plan
Looks at our homes and the steps to take to keep the air healthy and avoid chemical exposure. We explore the makeup of the air that we breathe, how to keep it clean, and how to reduce asthma triggers in our homes, as well as lead.
Student Curriculum: Recipes for Healthy Kids and a Healthy ...
These lessons introduce the broad concept of environmental health and why children may be particularly at risk from environmental health hazards.
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Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act ...
Guidance for facilities reporting mercury and mercury compounds under EPCRA Section 313. Includes recommendations and emission factors.
Table II. Section 313 Toxic Chemical List for Reporting Year ...
List of toxic chemicals subject to TRI reporting requirements for the 1997 reporting year.
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1 White Paper on PM Light Extinction Measurements ...2010-02-03
... research and can aid in determining source attribution, for example
distinguishing diesel from wood smoke or dust from black carbon (Fialho, et ...
Inventory of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990 ...2013-06-20
... of 1.02 to account for lime kiln dust (LKD), which ... created by combustion of the
black liquor where ... calculated by accounting for net carbon (C) fluxes ...
Verification Test Plan Evaluation of Field Portable ...2014-08-05
... Table 2-1. Verification Participants in the Lead in Dust Field Analytical ... mercury
as the electrode, this device uses a glassy carbon electrode that is ...
US EPA ETV Generic Verification Protocol for Biological and ...2014-08-05
... 52.2-1999, the conditioning step (also called the first dustload) challenges
the filter with ASHRAE dust (a mixture of carbon black, cotton linters, and ...
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The Next Decade: An Interview With Douglas M. Costle
EPA Journal - Nov./Dec. 1980 Interview with EPA Administrator Costle about the past and future of EPA, environmental improvements, & environmental damage
Glossary of Climate Change Terms | Climate Change | US ...2013-09-09
A glossary of terms used on EPA's climate change site, as well as links to other glossaries.
Health Risk and Exposure Assessment for Ozone2014-08-29
... Observed values shown in black and modeled values ... was run using the carbon
bond 2005 ... ammonia only), anthropogenic fugitive dust sources, ...
Region 5 Overview of ORD's2011-03-30
... 2005 Effects of diesel exhaust particles and carbon black on induction of dust
mite allergy in brown norway rats. J Immunotox 2(1):41-9. ...
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Pesticide Product Label
Black Butte Mine Final Optimization Report2012-07-31
... hillsides and the non-mine portions of Black Butte may serve ... of three
constituents: dissolved mercury, microbial labile organic carbon, and sulfate. ...
... Washington and Brigantine) additional species were able to identify the organic
carbon as being from ... Crustal soil dust was found at nearly all sites. ...

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