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Kid's Stuff | Educator | GMPO | US EPA2014-03-04
Kid's Stuff.
This document serves as an example of how to put together a QAPP for an environmental project.
The results of an assessment of fish consumption and chemical toxicity of a sampling of Columbia River fish collected in Washington; Oregon and Idaho between 1996 and 1998
Stage 2 Remedial Action Plan Deer Lake Area of Concern
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality reports on actions taken that have resulted in the removal of two beneficial use impairments. Outlines plans to remove remaining BUI and to delist the Area Of Concern.
Michigan Department .of Natural Resources
Stage I document details Deer Lake’s history of mercury and other contamination, and describes sources of pollution and future remedial actions, to address beneficial use impairments identified by the Great Lakes Water Quality Board (WQB).
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Assessment of Mercury in Fish Tissue from Select Lakes of ...2012-04-23
... Fishing was a collaborative effort, with ODFW participating at four ... a candidate
for development of a fish advisory for consumption of yellow perch ...
Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission letter to ...2011-12-28
... Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC) have been involved
in the review of the proposed Kennecott “Eagle” or “Yellow Dog” mine ...
ADDENDUM May 25, 2010
To utilize new data that have been collected since the time the BERA was completed in order to evaluate if cleanup activities that EPA has performed have improved ecological conditions
Environmental education resources for teachers and students: Classroom Activities
Fish Biomass Estimate for Housatonic River Primary Study ...2012-04-15
... Inland Fishes of Massachusetts. ... Reach 5A Common Species Captures (Number
of Fish Caught) ... Yellow Perch 5 2 1 8 3 8 3 13 7 12 18 5 9 11 89 ...
NPL Site Narrative for Stibnite/Yellow Pine Mining Area ...2012-11-27
Describes location, contaminants, and site investigation activities for NPL sites.
Public Use Considerations for the River Corridor at Hanford2013-06-03
... Saddle Mountain Lakes is defined as a “yellow” area because several
DDT-related compounds have been detected in fish and a recent release of ...
Natural Lakeshore Tips | Lakes | US EPA
Natural Lakeshore Tips
Mercury Maps: Linking Air Deposition and Fish Contamination ...
Mercury Maps: Linking Air Deposition and Fish Contamination on a National Scale
Fish Tissue Analysis for Mercury and PCBs from a New York ...2013-12-05
... Hg levels. Porgy, yellow croaker, and Buffalo carp were identified as
fish with the highest mean PCB levels. The AMF study ...
... Mining Area is about 14 miles east of the town of Yellow Pine in ... In October
1991, the US Fish and Wildlife Service documented a release of arsenic ...
Upper Columbia River Fish and Water Sampling, October ...2013-02-19
... The study will evaluate contamination in yellow perch, rainbow trout ... bass,
otherwise known as the “target fish species.” If the fishing crews are not ...
National Rivers and Streams Assessment 2008-20092013-03-13
... and provide for recreational uses like swimming and fishing wherever attainable ...
and streams, even in the smallest streams that cannot support fish. ...
Predicting Mercury Levels in Fish: Use of Water Chemistry ...2004-02-13
... yellow perch for 46 northern Wisconsin lakes. Potential predictors included
chemical traits such as pH and water color; biological traits such as fish ...
Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling | Office of the ...2014-12-02
... yellow croaker are among the most popular consumed species. Popular wild
caught species consumed frequently includes bighead carp, belt fish, ...

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