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Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP): Connecticut River Fish Tissue Study
This document serves as an example of how to put together a QAPP for an environmental project.
Stage II Remedial Action Plan Deer Lake AOC
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality reports on actions taken that have resulted in the removal of two beneficial use impairments. Outlines plans to remove remaining BUI and to delist the Area Of Concern.
Remedial Action Plan for Deer Lake Area of Concern, 1987
Stage I document details Deer Lake’s history of mercury and other contamination, and describes sources of pollution and future remedial actions, to address beneficial use impairments identified by the Great Lakes Water Quality Board (WQB).
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Columbia River Basin Fish Contaminant Survey 1996 - 1998
The results of an assessment of fish consumption and chemical toxicity of a sampling of Columbia River fish collected in Washington; Oregon and Idaho between 1996 and 1998
Revision 1 of Work Plan for Sampling in the Former Brunswick-Altamaha Canal, South of the LCP Chemical Site
Contains revised report of sampling for potential contamination in the Brunswick-Altamaha Canal, Brunswick, Georgia, March 31, 2011
Region ID : 04, DocID: 10922973 , DocDate: 2012-10-01
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Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment for The Standard Mine Site, Gunnison County, Colorado Addendum, May 25, 2010
To utilize new data that have been collected since the time the BERA was completed in order to evaluate if cleanup activities that EPA has performed have improved ecological conditions
Eagle Mine Response to Comments on the Draft HHRA
Response to comments on the Draft HHRA for the Eagle Mine Superfund site in Minturn/Redcliff, Eagle County, Colorado; October 2006.
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Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission letter to Ross Micham regarding Kennecott Eagle or Yellow Dog Mine Project (May 2008)2011-12-28
... Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC) have been involved
in the review of the proposed Kennecott “Eagle” or “Yellow Dog” mine ...
EPA Science Matters Newsletter: Volume 2, Number 6
EPA research has embraced sustainability as a necessary goal for the future of the planet, our economy, and our society. To achieve it will require asking different questions, thinking about challenges differently, and seeking innovative solutions.
Fish Biomass Estimate for Housatonic River Primary Study Area2012-04-15
... Inland Fishes of Massachusetts. ... Reach 5A Common Species Captures (Number
of Fish Caught) ... Yellow Perch 5 2 1 8 3 8 3 13 7 12 18 5 9 11 89 ...
Web-based Interspecies Correlation Estimation (Web-ICE) for Acute Toxicity: User Manual. Version 3.1.
Manual provides step-by-step instructions for using Web-based Interspecies Correlation Estimation (Web-ICE) for Acute Toxicity, & user guidance on model selection/interpretation. Jan. 2010
Bioaccumulation and Aquatic System Simulator (BASS) User's Manual Version 2.2
Bioaccumulation and Aquatic System Simulator (BASS) User's Manual Version 2.2
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Natural Lakeshore Tips | Lakes | US EPA
Natural Lakeshore Tips
Water Quality Monitoring
The water quality of New Bedford Harbor is monitored one-week before dredging starts to determine existing conditions, as well as during cleanup work. EPA studies water quality to check for potential unintended impacts and to verify that the cleanup work is not creating conditions which could cause toxicity to marine organisms, contaminant movement or interference with seasonal bird and fish migrations within the Acushnet River and harbor.
Mercury Maps: Linking Air Deposition and Fish Contamination ...
Mercury Maps: Linking Air Deposition and Fish Contamination on a National Scale
Atlas of the Spawning and Nursery Areas of Great Lakes Fishes Volume II - Lake Superior - September 19822015-06-08
... Johnny Yellow darter (Etheostoma nigrum ... in the bay during November 1-15,
and the fish left the ... Nets were fished at the mouth of the bay at Grand ...
Marine Beach Sanitary Survey
Marine Beach Sanitary Survey
Biological Evaluation for the General NPDES Permit for Offshore Seafood Processing Discharge within Federal Waters off the coasts of Washington and Oregon2015-08-21
... eat demersal invertebrates and small fishes, including other ... species, but few
of these fish are caught ... Yelloweye rockfish are fished directly and are ...
Draft Ocean Discharge Criteria Evaluation for the General NPDES Permit for Offshore Seafood Processing Discharge in Federal Waters off the Washington and Oregon Coast2015-08-21
... recreational and commercial fishing, including finfishing ... plankton, benthic
invertebrates, fishes, seabirds, and ... of the food chain for fish, birds, some ...
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