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Exchange Network
The Environmental Information Exchange Network (EIEN) is an Internet-based system used by state, tribal and territorial partners to securely share environmental and health information with one another and EPA.
Underground Injection Control (UIC)
Provide information on: individual injection well classes; regulations specific to each well class; technical guidance; compliance assistance; federal, state, and tribal/territory roles and responsibilities.
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Resources for State and Territorial Implementing Agencies
State and territorial agencies implementing underground storage tank programs can find helpful information on requirements and compliance resources.
State, Tribe and Territory Programs: Water Quality Standards ...2015-12-23
... Standards; State, Tribe, Territory Programs. Water Quality Standards. ... Reader.
State, Tribe and Territory Programs. On this page: ...
Selected State and Territory Ground-water Classification ...2016-02-06
... About Ordering. Selected State and Territory Ground-water Classification
Systems. EPA Number: 440685005. Date of Publication: May, 1985. ...
National Clarifying Guidance for 1998 State and Territory Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Listing Decisions
The guidance clarifies several key policies related to listing of waters under section 303(d) for the 1998 listing cycle.
03/19/2009: EPA releases 2007 nationwide Toxics Release ...2016-02-03
... releases 2007 nationwide Toxics Release Inventory data / American Samoa
reports the least amount of toxic releases of any state or territory in the ...
09/10/2001: EPA Orders Territorial Court to Test for Nitrates in ...2016-01-14
... EPA Orders Territorial Court to Test for Nitrates in Building Water Supply;
Court Cited for Violating Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. ...
Territory of American Samoa | Pacific Southwest : Pacific ...2015-10-13
... Territory of American Samoa. ... The population of the territory is approximately
65,000, of which about 97% live on the island of Tutuila. ...
Report On State/Territory Non-NPL Hazardous Waste Site ...
... State/Territory Data The Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste
Management Officials (ASTSWMO) and the US Environmental Protection ...
State and Territorial Use of Ground Water Strategy Grant ...
... STATE AND TERRITORIAL USE OF ... Sunmary of State Activities Every State
and all but one Territory has participated for at least one year in the ...
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Funding Assistance for Territories
EPA is authorized to provide grants to improve drinking water infrastructure in the U.S. territories. The Territorial Program is a component of the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.
Ocean Dumping Permits
Ocean dumping cannot occur unless a permit is issued under the MPRSA. Information is provided about who needs a permit, ocean dumping criteria, types of ocean dumping permits, and permit conditions.
Clean Power Plan Supplemental Proposal: Calculating Carbon Pollution Goals for Existing Power Plants in Areas in Indian Country and U.S. Territories
Technical support document outlining carbon pollution goals for areas of Indian Country and U.S. territories
Grants for State and Interstate Agencies under Section 106 of the Clean Water Act
Each state and territory has established programs to protect and restore fresh waters, coastal waters and wetlands as outlined in the Clean Water Act. Section 106 grants support the implementation of those programs.
State and Territorial Environmental Agencies in Land Revitalization
State and Territorial Environmental Agencies
Conducting an Emissions Inventory for a Traditional Haudenosaunee Territory.2015-09-10
Page 1. Conducting an Emissions Inventory for a Traditional Haudenosaunee
Territory. ... A first step towards clean air is to assess our own territory. ...
How to Get Certified as a Pesticide Applicator
Learn about federal requirements for any person who applies or supervises the use of restricted use pesticides (RUPs) to be certified in accordance with EPA regulations and how to comply.
Paddling in Swan Territory – EPA's New England
... Paddling in Swan Territory. ... But anyway, I knew, I was entering their territory,
not vice versa. US Fish and Wildlife Service info on Swans. ...
Partners You can Work with to Protect Water Quality
ACT: Partners You Can Work With
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