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10/10/2014: EPA Settlement with Raymore, Mo., Results in ...2014-10-17
... the stream. “Municipalities play a key role in protecting local waterways by
preventing stormwater from washing harmful pollutants into streams and ...
09/02/2014: Trans Energy Inc. to Restore Streams and ...2014-10-17
... impacted approximately 13,000 linear feet of stream and more than an acre
of wetlands. Filling wetlands illegally and damming streams can result ...
Experts Workshop Summary: Nutrient Enrichment Indicators in ...
Experts Workshop Summary: Nutrient Enrichment Indicators in Streams
03/26/2013: EPA Survey Finds More Than Half of the Nation's ...2014-10-18
... Vegetation along rivers and streams slows the flow of rainwater so it does
not erode stream banks, removes pollutants carried by rainwater and ...
Rivers & Streams | Rivers & Streams | US EPA
Rivers, Streams & Lakes
Streams | Rivers & Streams | US EPA
The majority of streams in the United States flow only seasonally or after rain fall. Learn about the different types of streams and their importance to downstream water quality.
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An Empirical Evaluation of the Performance of Different ...2014-10-20
... Washington (WA), environmental indicators, stream ecosystems, classification,
ecological classification, EMAP, streams, anthropogenic impact ...
Hierarchical Physical Classification of Western Streams ...2014-10-19
... Existing physical classifications for streams do not explicitly include ... vary in
importance across spatial scales in controlling stream environments and ...
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03/31/2008: Army Corps and EPA Improve Wetland and ...2014-10-18
... Army Corps and EPA Improve Wetland and Stream Mitigation. ... mitigation for
unavoidable impacts to the nation's wetlands and streams. ...
Technical Guidance Manual for Performing Wasteload ...2014-10-20
... Technical Guidance Manual for Performing Wasteload Allocation - Book 6:
Design Conditions, Chapter 1: Stream Design Flow for Steady-State ...
Clearer Protections for Headwater Streams | Healthy Waters ...
... to leap over a stream that was ... Clearer Protections for Headwater Streams;
Connecting at ... and Urgent Question; Live Streaming Available; Longwood ...
Studying Stream Restoration | Science
... These “out-of-stream” approaches are important because efforts that have
focused solely on habitat restoration within streams have had limited ...
Live Streaming Available | Healthy Waters for EPA's Mid ...
... Live Streaming Available. ... in the time, effort and some expense to wade through
streams, scooping up ... it's “for the love of their local stream,” says Bill ...
Environmental Protection Agency - Survey for National ...2014-10-20
... Save Our Streams. Adopt-A-Stream. Affiliation, if you are part of a national,
statewide, or regional network (eg, Izaak Walton League, Texas Watch): ...
Waters of the US
EPA is proposing a rule that clarifies protection under the Clean Water Act for streams and wetlands that form the foundation of the nation's water resources. Waters of the U.S. (WOUS) refers to types of waters that are jurisdictional under the CWA.
03/25/2014: EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Clarify ...2014-10-18
... About 60 percent of stream miles in the US only flow seasonally or after ... get
drinking water from public systems that rely in part on these streams. ...
Earth Day Festivities…Waterfowl, Stream Impairment & ...
... Earth Day Festivities…Waterfowl, Stream Impairment & Smokey The
Bear…Oh My! 2014 May 28. By Amber Tucker. Earth ...
Headwater Streams Studies | Research in Action | US EPA2014-08-04
An overview of Headwater Streams Studies which produced a field operations manual for assessing hydrologic permanence and the ecological condition of headwater streams.
05/23/2014: EPA Requires Mining Company to Restore ...2014-10-17
... News Releases from Region 4. EPA Requires Mining Company to
Restore Damaged Streams in Kentucky. Release Date ...
Riparian Zone and Stream Restoration | Risk Management ...2014-08-05
With the right techniques, stream channels and corridors (riparian zones) can be restored and reconstructed to improve habitat for fish and to stabilize banks against erosion and incision (gouging).

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