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Pesticide Labels: Guidance on Warranty Statements
Learn about use of warranty disclaimer statements and their use on pesticide labels.
Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Rule on Environmental Impact Assessment of Nongovernmental Activities in Antarctica, 8/2001
The final environmental impact statement, describing EPA's alternatives for the rule-making on Environmental Impact Assessment of Nongovernmental Activities in Antarctica.
STOrage and RETrieval Warehouse Help
This document goes over all facets of data extraction from STOrage and RETrieval (STORET) Data Warehouse.
Understanding Procurement for Sampling and Analytical Services Under a Triad Approach
The EPA Brownfields and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center (BTSC) has prepared this document to highlight methods and strategies that have been successfully used to procure services under a Triad framework.
Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment Fifth Report to Congress
This document goes over the fifth national assessment of public water system infrastructure needs and the results obtained.
Public Comments and Responses: National Nutrient Strategy
Public Comments and Responses: National Nutrient Strategy \n
Real Property Status Report SF 429
Used by recipients of Federal financial assistance to report real property status or to request agency instructions on real property that was/will be provided as Government Furnished Property (GFP) or acquired (i.e. purchased or constructed)
Interim Davis Bacon Act Guidance
This guidance is intended to supplement Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and the Davis \nBacon Terms and Conditions of EPA assistance agreements.
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Measuring the Air Quality and Transportation Impacts of Infill Development
This report summarizes three case studies. The analysis shows how standard forecasting tools can be modified to capture at least some of the transportation and air quality benefits of brownfield and infill development.
Embracing the River: Smart Growth Strategies for Assisting in Cedar Rapids' Recovery
This report from an EPA-FEMA technical assistance project with Cedar Rapids, IA, offers ideas to encourage infill development, make development more resilient to floods, and improve stormwater management.
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Environmental Review Guide for Special Appropriation Grants Subject to the National Environmental Policy Act
Environmental review guide for special appropriation grants for EPA's environmental review process
Mining Guidance for National Environmental Policy Act Reviews
Guidance to assist reviewers in providing comments on NEPA documents on non-coal mining activities on Federal lands.
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Pollution Prevention Policy Statement
Then EPA Administrator Carol M. Browner's statement on EPA's P2 policy.
Environmental Auditing Policy Statement
EPA's policy on the use of environmental auditing by regulated entities to help achieve and maintain compliance with environmental laws and regulations, as well as to help identify and correct unregulated environmental hazards.
PRN 2007-1: Disposal Instructions on Non-Antimicrobial Residential or Household Use Pesticide Product Labels
2007-1: Disposal Instructions on Non-Antimicrobial Residential or Household Use Pesticide Product Labels
Label Review Manual
Table of Contents for Label Review Manual
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Venue Recycling in the U.S.A.
Report on feasibility of reclaiming PET plastics from sports venues.
Mountaintop Mining/Valley Fills in Appalachia Draft ...
... Valley Fill Environmental Impact Statement and is ... information as component
soil types, impervious area ... The soil type subareas were traced onto the ...
Standards Support and Environmental Impact Statement: an ...
in choosing the type of furnace ... by the different types of furnaces. ...
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Economic Analysis of the Final TSCA Section 402(a)(3) Lead-Based Paint Accreditation and Certification Fee Rule
Estimates EPA's costs to administer and enforce the rule and fees required to cover these costs. Analyzes the impact of these fees on small entities and low-income and minority populations.
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