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2012 Enforcement Combined guidances.
This interim rule implements the State water pollution control revolving fund capitalization grant program.
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Public Comments and Responses: National Nutrient Strategy
Public Comments and Responses: National Nutrient Strategy \n
Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manuel: Lakes and ...
Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manual Lakes and Reservoirs - April 2000
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Venue Recycling in the USA
Report on feasibility of reclaiming PET plastics from sports venues.
Economic Analysis of the Final TSCA Section 402(a)(3) Lead ...
Estimates EPA's costs to administer and enforce the rule and fees required to cover these costs. Analyzes the impact of these fees on small entities and low-income and minority populations.
Economic analysis of Toxic Substances Control Act section ...
Report presenting an economic analysis of final regulations setting standards for lead-based paint.
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Superfund Removal Guidance for Preparing Action ...
Dated September 2009, this updates and replaces previous documents. An Action Memo (AM) should substantiate need for removal action based upon criteria in the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP). Includes AM template.
Risk Management Program Guidance for Warehouses (40 ...
This chapter provides guidance on the RMP public availability requirement under section 114(c) of the Clean Air Act.
General Guidance on Risk Management Programs for ...
The implementing agency is the federal, state, or local agency that is taking the lead for implementation and enforcement of part 68 or the state or local equivalent.
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Air Toxics Risk Assessment Reference Library, Volume 3 ...
Risk characterization as a description of the nature and magnitude of human or ecological risk and the attendant uncertainties.
Clean Power Plan Legal Memorandum
Legal memorandum supplementing the Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule preamble providing background for the legal issues discussed in the preamble
IC DER DRAFT Appendix A2007-07-16
... Order on Consent (AOC), Close Out Report, Notice of Intent to Delete, Statement
of Basis, etc.). ... 50 Locality Type The type of locality identified by ...
Guidance on the Use of Stipulated Penalties in Hazardous ...
This guidance addresses the use of stipulated penalties in civil judicial settlements under CERCLA and RCRA Section 7003.
Use of Hydrofluosilicic Acid in Drinking Water Systems in the ...
Use of Hydrofluosilicic Acid (HFSA) in Drinking Water Systems of the United States Petition
September 8, 2005 George W. Bush President of the United ...
The 2005 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission is proud to present its Final Report for your consideration. As required by law, the Commission thoroughly and objectively reviewed the domestic installation closure and realignment recommendations proposed by the Secretary of Defense on May 13, 2005.
GAO-05-138 Military Base Closures: Updated Status of Prior ...
As the Department of Defense (DOD) prepares for the 2005 base realignment and closure (BRAC) round, questions continue to be raised about the transfer and environmental cleanup of unneeded property arising from the prior four BRAC rounds and their impact on cost and savings and on local economies.
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EPA Children's Environmental Health Yearbook 1998
Reports current actions to protect children from environmental hazards, as part of the seven step national agenda of September 1996. Includes chapters on asthma, childhood cancer, toxicity, pesticides, contaminated water, and community right-to-know.
Summary of Technical Roundtables on EPA's Study of the ...
Potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on drinking water
US-Mexico Border 2020 Response to Comments - Final ...
National Coordinators' Border 2020 Program documents

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