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Environmental Assessment for Southern Black Hills Water ...
This Environmental Assessment (EA) identifies and evaluates the impacts of the construction of Phase II of the Southern Black Hills Water System (SBHWS)
C:\My Documents\BiOps and Notes\Milltown Dam\MTD ...
Opinion describes potential effects to Federally-listed threatened and endangered species including the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus)
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Metadata | Traits | Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation | US ...2013-12-19
NCEAs Global Change Impacts and Adaptation framework adapts traditional risk assessment principles to incorporate information about potential long-term future climate change.
... Microhab_sand number (binary) - 1 or blank 1 = Microhabitat substrate
preference - sand ... 1 = Microhabitat substrate preference - silt ...
Land and Waste Management Research | US EPA
The Science Inventory is a searchable database of research products primarily from EPA's Office of Research and Development. Science Inventory records provide descriptions of the product, contact information, and links to available printed material or websites.
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Freshwater Biological Traits Database, (Report Title) ...2012-08-15
... Current preference: Fast laminar Current_fast_turb Current preference: Fast
turbulent Microhab_sand Microhabitat substrate preference: Sand ...
Butterfly Study Plan2013-09-13
... 3 5. Larval and Adult Resource-based
Microhabitat Selection ..... 4 6. Host Plant ...
Wetland Ecosystems II2003-07-18
... food, shelter and water. Microhabitat A microhabitat is a more specific
place where an organism lives. The wetland habitat ...
Wetland Ecosystems II2003-07-18
... two representative diagrams of a pond (aerial view and cross-sectional view)
and the short descriptions of the terms habitat, microhabitat and niche ...
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Relationships Between Herpetofaunal Community Structure ...2004-03-02
... site. Vegetation sampling will describe any differences in microhabitat
availability as they relate to treatments. Dataloggers ...
1998 Annual Report | Ecological, Demographic, and ...2014-10-22
... Fish species presence was determined by boat shocking, beach seining,
microhabitat shocking, fyke nets, and minnow traps. ...
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Chapter 3: Elements Of Biomonitoring | Bioassessment | US ...
Chapter 3: Elements Of Biomonitoring
Rapid Bioassessment Protocols for Use in Wadeable Streams ...2010-01-22
... Confounding effects of habitat differences are minimized by providing a
standardized microhabitat. Microhabitat standardization ...
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Great Lakes Ecosystem: 1993 Midwest Oak Savanna ...2013-09-27
... It does not address the degree of canopy cover that will provide for optimal
Karner blue survival on a smaller scale or microhabitat level. ...
Microsoft PowerPoint - EMAP Ref Cond - Emery2006-01-20
... Page 14. IBI response to: ■ Changes in microhabitat A B C Habitat Class
0 10 ... We have: ♦ Calibrations for microhabitat ♦ Seasonal calibrations ...
Primer for Identifying Cold-Water Refuges to Protect and ...2012-03-23
... 17 5.6. Microhabitat ..... 17 6. Identification and ...
... The presence of four potential types of microhabitat types based on
combinations of depth and current velocity is evaluated in riffle/run prevalent ...
D:\EMAP-WEST 2001\WADEABLE MARCH 2001 DRAFT ...2001-07-30
... The presence of four potential types of microhabitat types based on
combinations of depth and current velocity is evaluated in riffle/run prevalent ...
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3.8 VEGETATION2014-10-10
... suitable habitats often do not recover due to continued maintenance and
modification of overstory canopy cover resulting in changes in microhabitat ...
Lower Snake River Programmatic Sediment Management ...2014-10-14
Page 1. US Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District Lower Snake
River Programmatic Sediment Management Plan ...
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