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Hard Water  Alkaline water containing dissolved salts that interfere with some industrial processes and prevent soap from lathering. Water may be considered hard if it has a hardness greater than the typical hardness of water from the region. Some textbooks define hard water as water with a hardness of more than 100 mgAL as calcium carbonate. -  From Drinking Water Technical & Legal Terms
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Antimicrobial Testing Methods & Procedures: MB-30-00
Information about ATMP - SOP Preparation of hard water and other diluents for antimicrobial products - MB-30-00
Antimicrobial Testing Methods & Procedures: MB-22-03
Information about ATMP - SOP Disinfectant Product Preparation and Sampling Procedures - MB-22-03
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US EPA, Pesticide Product Label, BARDAC 205M-10,08/18/20152015-08-19
... is a complete, chemically balanced disinfectant, sanitizer that provides
clear use solutions even in the presence of hard water. ...
US EPA, Pesticide Product Label, LONZA FORMULATION R-82,08/24/20152015-08-25
... Use Effective in hard water up to 200 ppm hardness [calculated as
CaCO3] in the presence of 5% serum contamination ...
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Water Softeners | WaterSense | US EPA2015-08-05
brief description of page
Microsoft Word - Metal Finishing Final Draft v3.docx2015-09-03
... activated carbon adsorption. • Hard water can decrease the
effectiveness of a cleaning system. Use deionized, distilled ...
1998 Annual Report | Aluminum Toxicokinetics Oral ...2015-09-03
... was empty. Half of the animals in each of these two groups received
the 26 Al in soft and half in hard water. Blood was ...
Acute Toxicity of Zinc to Rainbow and Brook Trout ...
... 0.76) and 2.5 (1.9 to 3.0) mg Zn/liter for rainbow and 2.0 (1.6 to 2.4) and 6.0
(5.0 to 7.0) mg Zn/liter for brook trout in soft and hard water, respectively ...
Zinc: Ambient Water Quality Criteria
... and Scheier (1958) and Wurtz and Bridges (1961) indicate that zinc is more
toxic to the snail, Physa heterostropha, in soft water than in hard water. ...
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Notification of Intent to Develop Draft Efficiency and Performance Specifications for Cation Exchange Water Softeners2015-01-09
... Cation exchange water softeners are used to soften water by exchanging the
calcium and magnesium ions contained in hard water with sodium (or ...
Page 242 - WaterSense at Work2015-01-09
... Potable water used during other wash or rinse stages might. be treated with
a water softener to remove hard water, which can cause scale buildup. ...
Page 299 - WaterSense at Work2015-01-09
... otherwise would go. down the drain, as long as the hard water is treated.
prior to use in the cooling towers. Air Handler Condensate ...
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Water | Region 2 | US EPA2010-10-05
... hard). Seven of the ten sampling sites had very hard water, two had
hard water, and one had moderately hard water. Iron ...
Actions You Can Take To Reduce Lead In Drinking Water ...
Actions You Can Take To Reduce Lead In Drinking Water
Technical product bulletin: this surface washing agent is most effective on hydrocarbon and bio-organic soiling on hard surfaces including beaches, shorelines, and rocks; specifically to aid in the removal of oil and oil saturated soiling.
One in a Million | Superfund | US EPA2011-08-09
... Water with a high percentage of such dissolved mineral salts is called
hard water. Hard water has a pH greater than 7 and ...
Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Lead - 1984
... Manuscript), demonstrating that daphnids were three times more sensitive
to lead in soft than in hard water (Table 1). The value in soft water agrees ...
... The stomach feeding was given in the absence (“soft” water) or pres- ence
of calcium and magnesium carbonate (“hard” water) and in the absence ...
Toxicity Test Report Dated August 13, 1998 (Revised 1/22/99)2014-08-05
... Test Solution Aeration None Dilution Water Moderately Hard Water + Selenium
Endpoint Survival and Mean Dry Weight Test Acceptability ...
Supplemental Recommendations | Pesticides | US EPA2012-05-09
... HARD WATER. The Recommended Methods may be modified to demonstrate
the effectiveness of an antimicrobial agent in hard water. ...
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