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EPA's BEACH Report:
To help beachgoers make informed decisions about swimming at U.S. beaches, EPA annually publishes state-by-state data about beach closings and advisories for the previous year's swimming season. These fact sheets summarize that information by state.
Find Information about Your Beach
Find information on your beach
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This document serves as an example of how to put together a QAPP for an environmental project.
Video Transcript: "Our Water Our Future: Saving Our Tribal ...
Video Transcript: "Our Water Our Future: Saving Our Tribal Life Force Together"
This permit covers all areas of the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) within the exterior boundary of Buckley Air Force Base.
SOP #EH-06 Fish Collection by Seining or Electrofishing ...
The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure is to provide a standardized method for sample collection of fish populations on hazardous waste sites.
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Page 177 - WaterSense at Work2015-01-09
... 2012. Commercial, Institutional. and Industrial Task Force Best Management
Practices Report to the Legislature. . 71. USA Swimming. ...
Page 275 - WaterSense at Work2015-01-09
... fact-sheets.php. . US Air Force
Medical Service. Dental Vacuum Systems. . ... USA Swimming. ...
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Great Lakes Monitoring | Great Lakes | US EPA2015-01-23
... of swimming advisories or closings at specific locations are reported annually
and become the basis of a "Swimmability Index" (the percent of swim ...
Oceans | Climate Change | US EPA2014-07-02
This page introduces a group of indicators related to the Earth's oceans and how they are affected by climate change.
National Beach Guidance and Required Performance Criteria ...
National Beach Guidance and Required Performance Criteria for Grants June 2002
Resources | Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force ...2012-02-29
fact sheets and other documents about the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force
Gulf of Mexico Regional Ecosystem Restoration Strategy, Gulf ...2011-12-05
... severe fiscal constraint across all levels of government, Task Force member
agencies ... to Florida's Gulf coast each year to fish, dive, swim, and view ...
Executive Order 13554 of October 5, 20102011-06-16
... year, millions of tourists visit the Gulf to vacation, swim, boat, fish ... order
establishes a Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force to coordinate ...
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Local Government Advisory Committee (LGAC)2014-06-26
... that the President's Climate Task Force discussed the ... and natural areas for
fishing, swimming and hunting. ... but not enough flexibility forces a "one ...
Region 9 | Superfund Redevelopment Program | US EPA2014-12-04
Superfund sites in reuse in California
Case 5:13-cv-03065 Document 2-1 Filed 11/13/13 Page 2 of ...
This is the consent decree for Shreveport, Louisana
Superfund Remedy Report, 13th Edition. September 2010. ...2012-03-20
... Ex Situ, continued Open Burn/Open Detonation 2005 ANDERSEN AIR
Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment for Harbor Oil ...2012-05-21
... 43 Table 3-5. COPCs for the Force Lake Recreational User RME Scenario
44 Table 3-6. COPCs for the Force Lake Fish Consumer RME Scenario ...
Moving Forward on Gulf Hypoxia: Annual Report 20112012-01-26
... 10 Hypoxia Task Force ▪ Annual Report 2011 ... principal elements: (1) the
designated uses of the state's waters (eg, fishing, swimming, drinking water ...

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