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SOP #EH-04: Benthic Macroinvertebrate Sampling & Processing
Standardized method for collecting benthic macroinvertebrates for ecological assessment at hazardous waste sites, based on USEPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocol III.
SOP #EH-06: Standard Operating Procedure: Fish Collection by Seining or Electrofishing
The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure is to provide a standardized method for sample collection of fish populations on hazardous waste sites.
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U.S. EPA, Pesticide Product Label, FRITZ NET DIP AND GENERAL DISINFECTANT, 04/08/19862011-04-19
... For disinfecting dip nets, seines, tanks and raceways (fiberglass, concrete,
vinyl), filter ... of Fritz Net Dip and General Disinfectant to a gallon of water. ...
U.S. EPA, Pesticide Product Label, AGRI-TOX, 05/16/19742011-04-19
... One treatment may be sufficient, however, it may be necesscry to dip animals
again in 2 - 3 weeks. ... dipped, Indi'idual dipping is recommended ...
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EPA Region 1 Laboratory Electro-Fishing Equipment
Electro-fishing equipment is utilized in assessing the overall biological integrity and associated water quality of stream ecosystems.
Partner Profile | Green Power Partnership| US EPA2016-02-04
List of Partners. The U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program designed to reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation by promoting renewable energy.
Residential Retrofit High Impact Measure Evaluation Report, February 8, 2010
Evaluation of 2006-2008 residential energy efficiency programs run by the Investor-Owned Utilities in California.
Fact Sheet for Four Draft National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits for Net Pen Aquaculture Facilities in Rufus Woods Lake2015-10-07
... Net Pen Permits ... following requirements only apply to those drugs and chemicals
included in feed or administered by a bath or dip treatment that ...
Rufus Woods Lake Site #3 Steelhead Trout Net Pen Aquaculture Draft NEPA Environmental Assessment2015-10-07
... 3.1-2). The pens would be constructed of nets connected to the ... The net pens
and walkways would be constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel ...
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An Optimization Approach to Evaluate the Role of Ecosystem Services in Chesapeake Bay Restoration Strategies
US EPA and other federal, state, and private organizations compiled this report to assist policymakers in evaluating TMDL-related policies in the Chesapeake Bay.
Multi-Habitat Macroinvertebrate Sampling in Wadeable Freshwater Streams
Field Branches Quality System and Technical Procedures
National Lakes Assessment 2007 Field Operations Manual
National Lakes Assessment 2007 Field Operations Manual
National Lakes Assessment 2012 Field Operations Manual
Field Operations Manual for the NLA 2012
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1999 National Emission Inventory Preparation Plan2015-09-10
... We are mapping the facilities in the 1996 NET, to the corresponding facilities
in the 1996 NTI. ... See Appendix A of DIP for other Conditional Fields. ...
NEI2011v2_TSD_12aug2015_jbh suggestions 0812152015-09-10
... V2” in the EIS. 1.3.2 2011 NEI main webpage
chief/net/2011inventory.html The 2011 NEI webpage ...
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2000 Annual Report | Risk Based Urban Watershed ...2016-02-12
... urbanization (reference sites). Sampling followed protocols for
multihabitat using a D-frame dip net. Sampled habitat types ...
... were attached to a special sampling pole and dipped in the ... Dip net ... Triangular
ring frame dip nets (#30 or #40 mesh) are utilized, supplemented ...
Environmental Protection Agency - Survey for National ...2015-09-30
... They will also investigate the biology of the water bodies by sampling for
benthic macroinvertebrates with kick nets and dip nets. ...
Ecosystem Services and Environmental markets in chesapeake Bay Restoration
... Difference in Phosphorus Reductions from Least-Net-Cost Source Controls
and Least ... There is no “double-dipping” of payments because only the ...
Microsoft Word - ~6395520.docx2015-09-10
... purchases, generation from renewables, and net transfers), and ... industry's
capacity dipped between 2002 and 2005 ... though it started to dip again in ...
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