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Study of Geologic Structures and Rock Properties in the ...
We characterized geologic structures, host rocks, and their potential hydraulic proper ties to better understand the sources of contaminants and the local hydrogeology.
2010 Sampling and Analysis Plan/Quality Assurance Project ...
Describes the sampling activities for 2010 in order to evaluate the effectives of cleanup efforts of the Standard Mine Site.
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Residential Retrofit High Impact Measure Evaluation Report
Evaluation of 2006-2008 residential energy efficiency programs run by the Investor-Owned Utilities in California.
An Optimization Approach to Evaluate the Role of Ecosystem ...
US EPA and other federal, state, and private organizations compiled this report to assist policymakers in evaluating TMDL-related policies in the Chesapeake Bay.
Chapter 7 (part A): Benthic Macroinvertebrate Protocols ...
Chapter 7 (part A): Benthic Macroinvertebrate Protocols
Chapter 8: Fish Protocols | Bioassessment | US EPA
Chapter 8: Fish Protocols
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4.2 Streamside Biosurvey | Monitoring & Assessment | US ...
4.2 Streamside Biosurvey
Appendix B: Scientific Supply Houses | Monitoring & ...
Appendix B: Scientific Supply Houses
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Federal Facility Cleanup Dialogue: Department of the Interior ...
The purpose of this meeting, held on October 21, 2010, was to discuss the cleanup program’s progress and challenges and to identify potential next steps.
Federal Facility Cleanup Dialogue: Meeting Summary Report
The purpose of the meeting, held on September 21-22, 2011, was to discuss the cleanup program’s progress over the prior year and to identify potential next steps for addressing challenges.
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Flint Hills Consent Decree
This is the consent decree for Flint Hills
Shell Deer Park Consent Decree
This is the consent decree for Shell Deer Park.
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Economic analysis of Toxic Substances Control Act section ...
Report presenting an economic analysis of final regulations setting standards for lead-based paint.
US EPA, Pesticide Product Label, FRITZ NET DIP AND ...2011-04-19
... For disinfecting dip nets, seines, tanks and raceways (fiberglass, concrete,
vinyl), filter ... of Fritz Net Dip and General Disinfectant to a gallon of water. ...
President's Environmental Youth Award (PEYA) Winners
Summary of past and current President's Environmental Youth Award winners.
Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings: Sixth ...
Link to the table of contents PDF document to the Pesticide Poisoning Handbook.
Green Chemistry Program Nomination Table
Table containing information for each unique technology nominated for the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge (PGCC) from 1996 through 2012.
Public Awareness and Use of the Toxics Release Inventory ...
A report by students from Cornell University's Institute for Public Affairs exploring different types of TRI user communities and presenting suggestions for improving community engagement.
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act ...
Guidance document to assist facilities performing electrodeposition or spray application of organic coatings in complying with the reporting requirements of EPCRA Section 313 and PPA 6607.
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EPA Children's Environmental Health Yearbook 1998
Reports current actions to protect children from environmental hazards, as part of the seven step national agenda of September 1996. Includes chapters on asthma, childhood cancer, toxicity, pesticides, contaminated water, and community right-to-know.

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