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Additional Guidance for Reviewing Pesticide Environmental Fate Studies
Guidance for the review of environmental fate and related studies in support of drinking water exposure and ecological risk assessments.
Shellfish Harvesting
An assessment of shellfish harvesting beaches in the Salish Sea. Part of EPA and Environment Canada's Health of the Salish Sea Ecosystem Report.
Appendix B: Indicators Developed by Various Groups and Appendix C: Resources on Indicators for the Indicator Development for Estuaries, EPA-842-B-07-004, February 20082011-09-10
... clams • False mussel stands • Oysters (population, restored beds [acres], bed
acres restored with disease resistant American oyster stock, disease ...
Challenges and Approaches | Estuaries and Coastal ...
Challenges and Approaches NEP
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Sorbent Technology for Multipollutant Control During ...2015-10-08
... Technology for Multipollutant Control During Fluidized Bed Incineration
R828598C037 ... Fly ash: Cement Composites for Oyster Culch Materials ...
HSCTM-2D, A Finite Element Model for Depth-Averaged Hydrodynamics, Sediment and Contaminant Transport
Manual for the Hydrodynamic, Sediment and Contaminant Transport Model for simulating two-dimensional, vertically-integrated, surface water flow, sediment transport, & contaminant transport
JULY 20122014-01-13
... contaminants in shellfish tissue SHL5: Oysters in the ... salt marsh RST2: Restored
eelgrass beds RST3: Restored oyster beds HAB9: Stream ...
PREP Environmental Indicators Report-20092014-01-13
... the primary reason why shellfish beds are closed ... Is Important: Mussels, clams,
and oysters accumulate toxic ... been tested for clam and oyster tissue. ...
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Why is Habitat Restoration Near the Gulf of Mexico Essential?
Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico \n \nWetlands in the coastal watersheds make up about 38 percent of total wetland area in the conterminous United States, and Gulf of Mexico Coastal Wetlands make up 37 percent of such wetlands in the United State
Literature Reference for Brevetoxin (Environmental Health Perspectives. 2002. 110(2): 179-185)
This method uses immunoassay presumptive analysis of Brevetoxins (B form) in aerosol, solid, particulate, liquid and water samples.
Bay Area Water Projects: Closed RFPs & Progress Reports
Closed requests for proposals and past progress reports for the San Francisco Bay Area's water quality improvement fund.
... to neutralize beds. Some may be incorporated into specification for the bed
material. One of the simplest techniques is to mix oyster shells with bed ...
The Biological Effects of Suspended and Bedded Sediment (SABS) in Aquatic Systems:2011-09-10
... of oxygen in the spawning beds which can ... in flow through the stream bed and
the ... suspended sediment and increased bedded sediment varies ...
Ecology Trends in the Great Bay Estuary 20 year Anniversary Report2015-09-28
... falls below 75 percent in the Oyster River, and ... tats, from seagrass beds where
the plants flow ... an impressive range of species—from oysters that sit ...
Oyster Pond System TMDL2014-11-25
... The document for the Oyster Pond Embayment System TMDL for Total ...
Impairments include loss of eelgrass beds, undesirable increases in macro ...
Off-Gas Treatment Technologies for Soil Vapor Extraction Systems: State of the Practice
This document provides state-of-the-practice information on off-gas treatment technologies for soil vapor extraction systems currently being used to clean up hazardous waste sites.
A Day In The Life of the EPA Administrator
Photos of a day in the life of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.
Portfolio HQ-FOIA-01268-12 (4th Prod) Release Attachments (17)
Portfolio Release Attachments 17 of the Fourth Release (04-15-13) for Freedom of Information Act Request HQ-FOI-01268-12
Massachusetts: Section 319 Success Stories, Vol. III ...
Massachusetts: Section 319 Success Stories, Vol. III
2009 5-Star Restoration Subgrant Awardees | 5 Star Wetland ...
2009 5-Star Restoration Subgrant Awardees
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