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Alien Seaweeds feature | Region 9: Water | US EPA2015-09-30
... In the continuing battle to prevent the spread of alien species in Hawai'i, the
US Environmental Protection Agency and the Hawai'i Department of ...
Useful Links to Invasive Species Information | Habitat ...
Useful Links to Invasive Species Information
Invasive Species | Habitat Protection | US EPA
Invasive Species
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Science Inventory | US EPA
The Science Inventory is a searchable database of research products primarily from EPA's Office of Research and Development. Science Inventory records provide descriptions of the product, contact information, and links to available printed material or websites.
Abstract: 14th Annual Northwest Biological Assessment Workgroup Meeting in Priest Lake, Idaho2015-04-13$file...
... alien fish with California harboring the most collected alien species (18).
Proportionally, 5th order streams are more likely to contain aliens than 1st ...
Great Lakes Ecosystem: 1993 Midwest Oak Savanna ...2015-09-09
... 20.0. Alien Species, -. ... ALIEN SPECIES. Morus alba; Nepeta cataria; Syringa
M:metadata 10_meta shmetm.PDF | US EPA ARCHIVE DOCUMENT2015-09-02
... Family Richness 58 NATVRTSP Num 8 Native Vertebrate Species Richness
49 NOALINSP Num 8 Number of Alien Species 4 NOBENTSP Num 8 ...
... 17 ALIEN9 Num 8 Final IBI Alien Metric Score ... adjusted proportion of aliens ...
67 NATSP Num 8 Native species IBI Metric Score ...
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Invasive Species | Ballast Water | US EPA
Invasive Species
Greenacres: Landscaping with Native Plants | Great Lakes ...2015-09-08
and Herbaceous Plants. ... In addition to the invasive aliens listed above ...
Hawaii: Section 319 Success Stories, Vol. III | Nonpoint ...
Hawaii: Section 319 Success Stories, Vol. III
... Section 1. Definitions. (a) ''Alien species'' means, with respect to a particular
ecosystem, any species, including its seeds, eggs, spores, or other ...
PowerPoint Presentation2009-05-28
... Page 2. Desirable Alien Species Page 3. Eurasian Water Milfoil Rusty crayfish
Undesirable Alien species Chestnut blight, Dutch Elm disease, ...
Kapulena Well Development Project Appendix C | US EPA ARCHIVE DOCUMENT2015-08-29
... Islands Ind Indigenous – native to the Hawaiian Islands, but also found
elsewhere naturally N Naturalized – an alien species now naturalized in the ...
Ecological Processes/Impacts Guidance for National Environmental Policy Act Reviews
These guidances provide information on how to incorporate ecological considerations into the preparation and review of environmental impact assessments
9/20/2004: Alien seaweed information cards available to ...2015-10-09
... organisms coming into Hawai'i for aquaculture and research and; -telling others
about Hawai'i's coral reefs and the dangers of alien species. ...
Fighting The Spread of Invasive Species in New Hampshire ...2015-10-08
Newspaper headlines across New England tell the story: 'Alien invaders take over lake'; 'Marine life gone bad: Scientists inventory invaders'; 'Foreign earthworms threaten forest health'
Predicting the Identity, Spread, and Impact of Future Non ...2015-10-09
... Alien or non-indigenous species (NIS) constitute the largest and most
irreversible environmental change in many terrestrial and aquatic ...
Profiles of Environmental Education Grants Awarded in Hawaii
Profiles and summaries of all environmental education grants awarded in Hawaii since 1992.
Alaska final2011-09-10
... impacts that established alien species have on native ecosystems; potential
control methods for established marine aliens; and interdiction ...
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