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ACCRETION  Records adding to, or extending, a series or system of permanent records previously accessioned by the National Archives. -  From Records Glossary
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Can Oregon Marshes Keep Up With The Rising Tide? A Study ...
... A Study of Short and Long Term Marsh Accretion ... These results agree with
long term accretion rates determined from Cs 137 deep (~0.5 m) cores. ...
Science Inventory | US EPA
The Science Inventory is a searchable database of research products primarily from EPA's Office of Research and Development. Science Inventory records provide descriptions of the product, contact information, and links to available printed material or websites.
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Portland Harbor RI/FS Sediment Stake Erosion/Accretion ...2014-05-22
1A ... Sediment State Erosion/Accretion Analysis May 2003 ...
Portland Harbor RI/FS DRAFT Integration of Sediment Trend ...2014-05-22
... The depth difference between 1990 and 1999 in the lower ISA area shows
a pattern of overall stability, with some accretion along the right bank ...
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Monitoring Response to the Stormwater Discharge at the ...2014-01-30
... The overall hypothesis being tested is that stormwater additions will result
in higher plant diversity and biomass and higher accretion rates. ...
Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration - Feasibility ...2014-10-27
... Erosion and accretion of sediments ... Settling (accretion) of suspended sediments
and organic matter on marsh and other intertidal wetland surfaces. ...
... Any areas of exposed sediment due to washout of the slope cap; ▪ Any areas
of sediment accretion; ▪ Evidence of groundwater seepage; ...
Vulnerability Assessments in Support of the Climate Ready ...
These reports present the results of climate change vulnerability assessments for the San Francisco Bay and Massachusetts Bay mudflat and salt marsh ecosystems using a new methodology based on workshops with environmental experts.
Sea Level | Report on the Environment Database | US EPA
... The risks may be minimal if wetlands accretion can match or outpace sea level
rises, but accretion rates vary widely (Hartig et al., 2000, Table 3). ...
Lindon Hollow Creek Realignment EA - Appdx C part 1
This document constitutes the Environmental Assessment, 404(b)( I) Guidelines Evaluation, Public Interest Review, and Statement of Findings.
Block P Mine Complex Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis ...
Presents the results of the investigation activities conducted at the Block P Mine Complex of the Barker Hughesville Mining District Superfund Site and evaluates non-time critical removal action alternatives developed to remediate the site;March 2010.
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Peer Review Comments and Responses on National Nutrient ...
Peer Review Comments and Responses on National Nutrient Strategy \n
Nutrients in Estuaries: A Summary Report of the National ...
Nutrients in Estuaries - November 2010
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Manual for the Hydrodynamic, Sediment and Contaminant Transport Model for simulating two-dimensional, vertically-integrated, surface water flow, sediment transport, & contaminant transport
This is one document in the Enbridge oil spill administrative ...2012-10-04
... thalweg. Row(s) of natural bed structures will be constructed in deep water
areas to increase sediment accretion. The structures ...
2008 Annual Report | Linking Impacts of Climate Change to ...2010-03-16
... The balance between marsh accretion and subsidence, and ultimately the
ability of TFMs to outpace rising sea levels involves a complex ...
2005 Annual Report | Effect of Sea Level Rise and Climate ...2006-05-18
... Feldspar marker layers, used to measure short-term accretion and sediment
deposition, were established in all 18 marshes in July 2005. ...
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Reach K Pilot Cap2012-09-24
... over a larger area than previously evaluated • Evaluate accretion rates and
patterns ... Page 15. Observing Accretion – flow from top to bottom 7/27/12 ...
Project Summaries
Projects funded by the SF Bay Water Quality Improvement Grant program
Profiles of Environmental Education Grants Awarded in Iowa
Profiles and summaries of all environmental education grants awarded in Iowa since 1992.

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