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Applicators Must Obtain Federal Certification to Apply ...
Information about federal certification to apply restricted use pesticides in Indian Country.
Indian Country Applicator Certification Forms and Instructions.
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Implementing Institutional Controls in Indian Country
Handbook explaining the use of institutional controls and their implementation as part of the cleanup process.
This is the Clean Water Act consent decree for the City of South Bend
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Fact Sheet for Issuance of General Permit for Wastewater ...
This final fact sheet has been modified from the fact sheet that was used for the public notice of the draft general permit on July 24, 2009.
Southern Ute Indian Tribe NPDES Permit Statement of Basis
CO-0022853 - Southern Ute Indian Tribe Permit
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TRI Facilities That May Be Located in Indian Country
List of TRI facilities located in Indian Country that may begin submitting their TRI reports directly to tribes beginning with the reports due July 1, 2013.
Toxics Release Inventory Program:
Webinar from September 2012 provides an overview of the TRI Program and how tribes can use TRI data, as well as details about the TRI tribal rule.
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Proposed NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule - Consultations
This document describes EPA's Tribal Consultations efforts with the National Tribal Caucus and National Tribal Water Counsel and 563 individual tribes on the Proposed NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule
Final Office of International and Tribal Affairs (OITA) NPM ...
This Guidance addresses both the Tribal and International Programs and provides direction to the Agency on tribal and international programmatic priorities for FY 2014.
Ocean Dumping Ban Act of 1988
EPA press release - November 21, 1988 on Ocean Dumping Ban Act of 1988, which prohibits all municipal sewage sludge & industrial waste dumping into the ocean after December 31, 1991.
Fiscal Year 2012 Tribal Accomplishments Report
This report is a compilation of EPA’s Office of Environmental Information tribal accomplishments that details efforts and activities conducted in support of the OEI Tribal Strategy during fiscal year (FY) 2012.
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Summary of US EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Study consultation
Summary of two consultation webinars with tribal governments held as part of a process to involve stakeholders in the study design and development process.
Wastewater from Gas Development: Chemical Signatures in ...
Hydraulic Fracturing Technical Workshop 4 - 22, by Paul Zemkawits, P H D. Director, West Virginia Water Research Institute.
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RAD Refrigerator Recycling Pilot Program in Indian Country ...
Overview of the EPA's Tribal Program conducting a small-scale refrigerator/freezer recycling pilot program designed to benefit a tribal community.
Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention in Indian ...
This fact sheet familiarizes tribal leaders with EPCRA and Chemical Accident Prevention Program requirements. Tribal Emergency Response Commissions (TERCs) can appoint LEPCs, develop contingency plans, and review facilities' Risk Management Plans.
Final Report for the Pilot Study of Targeting Elevated Blood ...
Appendix is an exceprt from the final report on a pilot study on blood lead levels in children.
10/28/13 To: Sussex County Housing Discrimination ...
This page will hold case 15R-13-R2 related documents.
Public Law 101-619, Nov 16, 1990: To promote environmental ...
Summary and text of the National Environmental Education Act
The 2000 Aljoya Consensus Statement on Long-Range ...
A consensus statement of 100 experts meeting at the Aljoya Conference Center in Seattle, Washington in July 2000 for the First International Conference on Trans-Pacific Transport of Atmospheric Contaminants.

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