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Water On Tap: What You Need To Know | Safewater Home ...2016-01-05
... EPA Home > Water > Ground Water & Drinking Water >
Water On Tap: What You Need To Know. ...
EPA > Drinking Water for Kids > Other Stuff for Kids2016-01-06
... Safewater Home | About Our Office | Publications | Calendar | Links | Office
of Water | En Español. EPA Home | Privacy and Security Notice | Contact ...
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Fact Sheet: Third Contaminant Candidate List (CCL 3)
CCL 3 Fact Sheet
Regulatory Determination 1: Federal Register Notice and Fact Sheet
Learn about the Fact Sheet for Regulatory Determination 1
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Water Laboratory Alliance Tool Kit
Provides an overview of the WLA.
Water Laboratory Alliance: A Drinking Water Utility Perspective
Provides an overview of the WLA
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EPA Home > Water > Safewater > Send Us Your Comments ...2016-01-06
... Contact Us page. Safewater Home | About Our Office | Office of Water.
EPA Home | Privacy and Security Notice | Contact Us.
Consider the Source: A Pocket Guide to Protecting Your Drinking Water; Drinking Water Pocket Guide #3
The Guide is a pocket-sized outreach and assistance publications designed to heighten public awareness of the importance of protecting source waters used for drinking water.
EPA Safewater: Tap Into It! (Folder)
... OGWDW maintains a web site ( and the Safe
Drinking Water Hotline (I-800-426-4791) to make drinking water ...
Tap Into It (Order Form)
... overview of Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program (36 pgs.) 8 V2" x
1 1 " Booklet (47 pgs.) View at : http://www.epa.sov/safewater/uic/c5imp ...
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Fact Sheet: Second Six-Year Review of Drinking Water Standards
This document is a fact sheet about the 2010 second six-year review of existing drinking water standards.
Assorted Sizes Poster, Now it Comes with a List of Ingredients
Now It Comes With A List of Ingredients poster released in conjunction with the publication of public service announcements advertising the Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRS).
Home Drinking Water Testing Fact Sheet
Information and guidance on home water testing.
A Best Practices Guide to Talking to your Customers about Chronic Contaminants in Drinking Water
This fact sheet will help you understand the importance of communicating with the public about chronic contaminants - both regulated and unregulated. It also describes effective strategies for getting your message out.
Children and Drinking Water Standards, December 19992014-04-04
... State Certification Officers, • Farm ...
EPA Safewater Web Site Other ...
Perchlorate Regulatory Determination Fact Sheets
Learn about perchlorate federal register notices related to regulatory determination by reading fact sheets.
Thirstin's Wacky Water Adventure, June 20042014-04-04
... Office of Water (4606M) • EPA 816-K-04-002 • 06/2004 •
safewater Page 3. ... Click on Kid's Stuff and submit ...
Thirstin Builds an Aquifer: Aquifer in a Cup, June 20042014-04-04
... bucket Page 2. Office of Water (4606M) • EPA 816-F-04-019 • 06/2004 • PROCEDURE: 1. Pour ...
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Aging Factsheets in Russian (Русский)
Information for Older Adults and Their Caregivers
Aging Factsheets in Thai | ภาษาไทย
Information for Older Adults and Their Caregivers
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